Trump has set a legal ‘trap’ for himself with big tech lawsuit, Watergate lawyer says

‘Make him deal with the trap he created for himself’, former White House counsel during Watergate says

Graig Graziosi
Thursday 08 July 2021 20:22 BST
Trump hires tobacco lawyers to sue Facebook, Twitter and Google
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An attorney who served in the White House during the Watergate scandal claims that Donald Trump's lawsuit against Google, Facebook and Twitter may have inadvertently snared the former president in a trap of his own making.

John Dean, the White House legal counsel under former President Richard Nixon, was dubbed the "master manipulator" of the infamous burglary by the FBI. In the end he cooperated with prosecutors and played a major part in the investigation that eventually brought down Mr Nixon.

On Wednesday, Mr Trump announced he is suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for banning his accounts, and claimed that they could pay "trillions" in damages.

Political commentator Keith Olbermann pointed out when you sue someone, you have to give deposition concerning the topic of the lawsuit.

"In this case, like [Mr Trump's] role inspiring the 1/6 coup," he wrote in a tweet.

He called the lawsuit the "dumbest thing Trump has ever done”.

Mr Dean picked up on this and added his own hopes for the case to be televised.

"This should be a nationally televised deposition ... Please schedule it next week. Don't move to dismiss, which would be the normal move. Make him deal with the trap he created for himself. He will lose on the merits!" Mr Dean wrote.

Many legal observers believe that Mr Trump's lawsuit will ultimately go nowhere, but is instead a means for him to rally his base and fundraise.

Mr Trump and his allies, including his son Donald Trump Jr, have been asking supporters to donate money to aid in the lawsuit.

Shortly after he announced the lawsuits, the former president sent out "breaking news alert" texts directly to followers asking them to donate to his Save America PAC.

“Pres Trump: I am SUING Facebook & Twitter for UNCONSTITUTIONAL CENSORSHIP. For a short time, 5x-IMPACT on all gifts! Donate NOW,” one of the messages read.

Some users on Twitter questioned why Mr Trump, a self-proclaimed billionaire, would need to fundraise from his supporters.

"Tell him to help me out. His [sic] a billionaire. Help my back," one user wrote. "Help a billionaire are you joking? You all a psyop."

Another user wrote "so wait, you have to DONATE in order for your dad to sue? He is a BILLIONAIRE! Something isn't adding up here."

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