Trump wants to by his childhood home, which is currently for sale

Not even Trump’s most diehard supporters want to buy the president’s childhood home

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Queens comes with finished basement, screened patio and a two-car garage

Justin Vallejo
New York
Wednesday 09 December 2020 22:50
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The Maga faithful aren't making Donald Trump's childhood home his again.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to raise $3m to purchase the president's old New York home at auction on 20 January, the day he's scheduled to leave the White House.

But only $125 has been raised from 10 donations after more than two weeks into the campaign, and some of those small donations come from users called "Shame On You Trump", "TrumpUF*ck" and other, less publishable names.

No one, it seems, wants to donate more cash than they've already sent to the Trump campaign to pay off debts, launch a litany of legal challenges to the election results or fill its coffers for another presidential run in 2024.

The GoFundMe page, from the property owner's listing broker Paramount Realty USA, says they're raising funds to by Mr Trump's home either for him or a charity of his choosing "as a token of appreciation". 

The house sold for $2.4m in 2017, a few months after its previous sale of $1.4m.It is believed to have been bought by a Chinese investor, with the crowdfunding idea floated after the property failed to for its $2.9 asking price in 2018. The Tudor-style five-bedroom home in Jamaica Estates, Queens, is estimated to be worth a little over $1m.  

“We think it’s more likely that 300,000 people each contribute $10 than 1 person pays $3 m to purchase the property” Paramount real estate agent Misha Haghani told The Independent

“We’d love to see the home go to the family of a wounded veteran or fallen police officer or firefighter – but that’s just our opinion.”

Mr Trump's father, real estate developer Fred Trump, built the house in 1940 and the president lived there until the age of four.  

During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Mr Trump was asked if he had fond memories of the house.

"I had great parents and I had great brothers and sisters, I had a really good childhood, I will say… oh that's sad to look at that I want to buy it, I want to buy it that's beautiful," he said.

"I love it, it was a warm place."

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