Trump asks supporters for money in his CPAC speech

Trump asks supporters for more money in CPAC speech after raising $250 million for his Stop the Steal campaign

Trump’s CPAC speech was his first public event since leaving office in January 2021

Mayank Aggarwal@journomayank
Friday 05 March 2021 05:30
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Donald Trump on Sunday asked his supporters for more funds if they want to “take back the future” of the US even though he has reportedly raised about $250m (£179m) since the November 2020 elections.

“If you want to help us take back the future of our country, go to I don’t do this. I’ve never done this. But it’s time that we have to put forces together,” he said during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

The former president emphasised that there’s “only one way to contribute to our efforts, to elect America first Republican conservatives. And in turn, to make America great again.”

“And that’s through Save America PAC and So go out there and do whatever you can because we’re going to help a lot of great people,” he said near the conclusion of his CPAC speech, which was his first major public address since leaving office in January 2021.

Since the 3 November elections, Mr Trump and his allies made numerous election fraud claims without offering any substantial evidence which was followed by unsuccessful lawsuits across the US. But during this period, millions were collected in donations to help Mr Trump.

A Forbes report in January 2021 said that in a period of two months after the November 2020 elections Mr Trump attracted about $255m (£182m) in political donations.

“We know the right people to help. We need your help to win and to fight big tech and the radical left and the DC establishment,” said Mr Trump.

His remark about knowing the right people to help is considered a veiled reference to him supporting only those Republicans who stood by him.

The former president told his supporters that “we’re in a struggle for the survival of America as we know it.”

“This is a terrible, terrible, painful struggle. The path ahead will not be easy, but we will win. We are going to win. Ultimately we always win,” he said.

The former president’s son Donald Trump Jr also tweeted asking for donations. He mentioned the same details and cautioned against donating through any other route.

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