Trump’s recent trade dealings with Mexico and China have been smoke and mirrors with little substance

Politics Explained: The president is acting tough when it comes to making deals but he may come to regret it

Chris Stevenson
Sunday 16 June 2019 14:53
Donald Trump reveals 'secret' Mexico deal by waving around piece of paper

Donald Trump has multiple problems when it comes to trade, both domestic and foreign, and Mexico is at the centre of a number of them.

Domestically, Trump is supposed to have already had a win. His administration negotiated a replacement trade agreement with Canada and Mexico known as the USMCA. Trump, as you might expect, called it a “great deal”, but the issue is that Democrats in Congress want changes and the legislation has not been scheduled for a confirmation vote in the House of Representatives yet.

The president is clearly anxious that he has not had a “win” in a while and the delay on the USMCA has put pressure on his international dealings. Trump has sought to build his political reputation on being a dealmaker and he has yet to follow through.

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