Trump threatens former lawyer who told CNN he expected indictment: ‘Angry, nasty, libelous’

Former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb previously said he thinks the former president could go to jail if indicted in the classified documents inquiry

Ariana Baio
Tuesday 06 June 2023 18:13 BST
Trump plays down legal threat of secret papers recording

Donald Trump threatened to hold his former lawyer Ty Cobb “legally responsible” for weighing in with his opinion on the ongoing classified documents probe into Mr Trump, claiming the attorney used “angry, nasty, and libelous” words.

In a rant posted on Truth Social, Mr Trump called Mr Cobb a “disgruntled former lawyer” seemingly in response to comments Mr Cobb made on multiple CNN platforms about the Department of Justice’s classified documents inquiry.

Last month, Mr Cobb told CNN that believed Mr Trump would go to jail if he is indicted in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation.

Then last week, Mr Cobb reiterated his confidence in the potential indictment to CNN’s OutFront, after it was reported there is an alleged recording of Mr Trump discussing classified material he kept after leaving the White House in 2021.

Mr Cobb said if the recording is true: “It further enhances the obstruction case because it eviscerates the two defenses that Trump has put forward. The first being that merely by taking documents he declassifies them or that he has the authority, if he is playing with the ducks in the hot tub, to declassify them in his own mind.”

Although Mr Trump did not specify which of Mr Cobb’s comments he was directing his frustration toward, he wrote: “His words are angry, nasty, and libelous, only because I did not continue using him (and paying him), and for good reason. He will be held legally responsible for his false statements!”

The former president added that Mr Cobb “knows absolutely nothing about the Boxes Hoax” and accused the Department of Justice of “interfering with the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election” which Mr Trump claimed he was leading.

Mr Cobb served as a lawyer for Mr Trump while he was in the White House from July 2017 until May 2018. He provided assistance during the Mueller special counsel investigation.

Since leaving his position, Mr Cobb has occasionally provided insight and commentary on Mr Trump’s legal matters.

The former Trump lawyer said he believes the alleged audio and 16 records that contain correspondence between Mr Trump and top advisers about the declassification process are “compelling.”

Mr Cobb added that given Mr Trump’s recent behaviour, like fundraising, he thinks: “Trump and his team believe [the indictment] is going to come quickly.”

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