Republican CNN analyst on Trump's wrestling tweet: 'He is going to get someone in the media killed'

A video shows Trump tackling and beating on a CNN avatar

Clark Mindock
New York
Monday 03 July 2017 15:32
Republican strategist says Trump's CNN tweet 'incites violence and will get someone killed'

Republican strategist and CNN political commentator Ana Navarro says Donald Trump is going to get someone killed with his tweets.

After the President tweeted a video depicting him beating up a man with a CNN avatar superimposed over his face — a throwback to his days as a B-list celebrity making cameos on wrestling shows — many members of the media expressed distress and concern that he is encouraging supporters to become violent.

“I think that is the President of the United States taking things way too far,” Ms Navarro said on a panel for ABC News. “It is an incitement to violence. He is going to get someone killed in the media. Maybe that will stop him.”

Ms Navarro, a supporter of Jeb Bush during the 2016 campaign, has been a vocal critic of the President. She made headlines for criticising Mr Trump last year before the election after the Access Hollywood video was leaked to the Washington Post. That video showed Mr Trump discussing sexually assaulting women on a hot mic before a media appearance.

On ABC, the former Bush supporter further criticised the response from Mr Trump’s team response to the President’s violent tweet. White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert had said that “no one would perceive that as a threat,” when asked if the tweet was problematic.

“You are the homeland security adviser and you can’t stand here and say the difference between right and wrong?” Ms Navarro said. “That’s what’s part of the problem. He is surrounded by enablers who do nothing but shake their heads and nod their heads in agreement with everything that he says.”

“They have got to stand for democracy, for freedom of the press,” she continued. “This is just going way too far. The President of the United States is inciting violence against the free press. And, America, we cannot stand for it.”

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