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Tucker Carlson says Obama had a ‘strange and highly creepy personal life’ in Twitter episode

‘Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life, yet nobody ever asked him about it,’ Carlson said

Peony Hirwani
Saturday 10 June 2023 07:41 BST
Tucker Carlson calls Barack Obama a 'racial arsonist'

Tucker Carlson has made strong comments about Barack Obama’s personal life in his new Twitter show, Tucker on Twitter.

On Friday, the 54-year-old American political commentator posted a new episode titled “Cling to your taboos!” where he said Mr Obama has a “highly creepy personal life”.

In his 13-minute monologue, Mr Carlson spoke about how “fast” taboos are changing and how “American society isn’t overtly religious, but it’s governed by taboos”.

The television personality claimed what Americans “are allowed to dislike is being dictated to us from above” before giving examples.

Speaking of “the current behaviour of our politicians” and how “adultery was considered disqualifying [in 1992] for anyone seeking higher campaign”, Mr Carlson referenced Bill Clinton’s alleged extramarital affair with Gennifer Flowers, and how he went to “elaborate lengths to lie about the relationship, because he had no choice”.

The commentator then pivoted to speaking about Mr Obama, saying: “By 2008, it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life, yet nobody ever asked him about it.

“By that point, a leader’s behaviour within his own marriage, the core relationship of his life, had been declared irrelevant. It was Barak Obama’s business, not yours.”

Mr Carlson did not elaborate on his reference to Mr Obama.

The presenter went on to say that “one by one, with increasing speed, our old taboos have been struck down.

“Those that remain have lost their moral force”.

This isn’t the first time Mr Carlson has slammed Mr Obama in public.

In 2021, he was widely mocked on Twitter after calling Mr Obama a “hater”.

Carlson was responding to Mr Obama’s comments to CNN about right-wing news outlets, which he said were making money out of stoking fear and resentment among white Americans.

“[They] do everything they can to give people a sense that their way of life is threatened,” Mr Obama told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“Lo and behold, the single most important issue to them currently right now is critical race theory.” he said. “Who knew that that was the threat to our republic?”

Speaking to his Fox News audience about Mr Obama’s comments, Mr Carlson said: “He’s back to let you know that if you’ve got any problem with your kids’ teachers telling them that some races are better than others that you, my friend, are a racist.”

He went on to say that Mr Obama should have “retreated to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard”, where the former president and his wife, Michelle Obama, bought a $12m beachfront property.

“That guy is a hater. For real.” he added.

Mr Carlson’s latest episode of Tucker on Twitter has amassed over 45m views and almost 500k likes so far.

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