Tucker Carlson complains that the Pentagon is more interested in diversity than UFOs

Fox News host asks military to ‘shut up’ about equality and start defending the country

Justin Vallejo
New York
Tuesday 18 May 2021 20:35
<p>Tucker Carlson takes aim at UFOs and diversity</p>

Tucker Carlson takes aim at UFOs and diversity

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Tucker Carlson says the US military is more interested in hiring pregnant pilots than investigating the threat of flying saucers.

During his Tucker Carlson Tonight monologue on Monday, the Fox News host said the Pentagon was too busy prioritizing diversity and inclusion initiatives over a "clear and present threat" like unidentified flying objects.

"Oh, UFOs, they’re spooky and kinda funny. Crazy people believe in them. Up until you get to the line, ‘The Pentagon admits it doesn’t know what in the world this is.’ That’s all you need to know,’ he said, quoting Sunday night’s 60 Minutes story on UFOs spotted by the Navy in 2015.

“From a national security perspective, that’s a very big problem."

He said that the Space Force would be equipped to do something about "daily incursions" of UFOs, but instead, the newest branch of the military was wasting resources on "political purges".

Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohemier was fired after criticizing the government’s “diversity and inclusion” programs as an extension of Marxist ideology that would eventually divide the country, rather than unite it.

Mr Carlson likened it to the Soviet army’s purging of ranks during 1938 blinding them to clear and present threats on the horizon.

"When they say that all revolutions are the same, they’re right," Mr Carlson said, adding: "Most of the generals we see quoted in the press seem more committed to meeting some counterproductive diversity goal – hiring more pregnant air force pilots, assembling the world’s first transgender SEAL team – than on defending the United States."

Mr Carlson pointed to Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin for the military’s obsession with political purity, calling his leadership like handing control of the military to the editorial page of The New York Times.

Playing clips of Mr Austin calling the climate crisis an "existential" threat, Mr Carlson mocked the defence secretary’s focus on the weather instead of sightings of unknown aircraft well beyond the United States’ capabilities.

"Imagine a technology that can do 600 to 700 G-forces, that can fly 13,000 miles an hour, that, that can evade radar and can fly through air and water and possibly space, and oh, by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity," Mr Carlson said, quoting. former Navy pilot’s description of an unidentified aircraft sighting.

"Sound like a potential threat? You think? So what has the Pentagon done about it? Well, we don’t know the full story as of tonight. But we don’t know that they’ve done anything about it, and then cover the fact they ignored it by declaring the whole subject classified for decades, then spending the rest of the day thinking about how to bomb Syria again and rid the Marine corps of people who voted for Donald Trump."

Mr Carlson also called Mr Austin’s senior adviser, Bishop Garrison, "a lunatic" for saying all Trump supporters were white supremacists, while also overseeing the Pentagon’s woke agenda.

The segment aired footage from the US military’s animated recruitment ads focusing on gay marriage, lesbian mums, and LGBTQ pride parades aimed at encouraging more women to join the ranks.

“’I also marched for equality.’ Oh, shut up. Who cares?” Mr Carlson mocked.

"Please stop talking about yourself for once. It is boring and irrelevant and insulting. This is not just your country, it belongs to all of us. Your job is to defend it, please do so."

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