Milwaukee assault: Video shows teacher’s assistant knocking 14-year-old boy to the ground and choking him

The 39-year-old man was arrested for abuse of a child


Rachael Revesz
New York
Thursday 21 April 2016 16:35
Milwaukee high school arrest

Police in Wisconsin have arrested a teaching assistant after he knocked a student to the ground while holding his throat and swearing at him.

The 39-year-old assistant in the biology class was arguing with the 14-year-old boy who he said was being "disrespectful".

He then grabbed the pupil by the throat and pushed him into a desk and on the ground, shouting expletives at him.

The biology teacher ran out to find security staff, who pulled the teaching assistant off the student.

He was arrested for physical abuse of a child.

The pupil of Bay View High School in Milwaukee was take to hospital for minor injuries.

Officials have not identified the pupil or the teaching assistant, and it is not clear whether the perpetrator will be allowed to keep his job.

“As soon as the school administration was told by students that this incident had occurred, the Milwaukee police department was contacted and the staff member was taken out of the classroom,” a school spokeswoman told ABC News.

One student witness said the interaction was “unreal”.

Police are investigating the incident.

In March a student filmed the moment when 12-year-old Janissa Valdez was violently thrown to the ground, landing on her face, by a police officer at a school in Texas. The officer was placed on leave.

Last October another shocking video showed a school officer body slamming a teenage girl in a South Carolina classroom and dragging her across the floor.

The white senior deputy, Ben Fields, who dragged the black student across the floor, was suspended without pay.

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