Accused Walmart stalker 'squirted women with syringe full of semen'

Police say married Ohio man, who claims he also squirts egg yolk and spit, blames his parents for molesting him

Peter Walker
Friday 06 January 2017 09:10 GMT
Timothy Blake is being held in custody without the option of bail
Timothy Blake is being held in custody without the option of bail (Marietta police)

A man allegedly sprayed women with a syringe full of his own semen after stalking them in a Walmart store.

Timothy Blake has been charged with pandering obscenity, sexual imposition and two counts of “menace by stalking”.

“The defendant stated maybe it was his way of having sex with these women,” a police affadavit seen by CBS News reportedly stated.

The first reported incident came in early November.

Mr Blake was allegedly spotted in his oilfield company's branded truck Getty (Getty)

A woman shopping in a Walmart, in Ohio, West Virginia, told investigators that a “creepy” man was “lingering around her”.

She claimed he walked within a few inches behind her before she felt something wet on her lower back and foot.

She “began to panic”, rushed to the bathroom, found a “sticky” substance.

The man was still allegedly watching her when she walked back out.

A surveillance video is said to have shown a man squirting the woman.

Three days after Christmas he was spotted leaving the shop after a similar report which is when Marietta police officers caught up with him.

He was driving a truck with a "very distinct bumblebee" insignia, of the oilfield company he works for, on its side - according to the News and Sentinel.

After claiming that he used syringes to spray egg yolk, he later admitted that it was semen after officers told him the liquid was going to be tested.

The married man, who claims his parents molested him as a child, said he had used the syringes to spray egg, spit or semen on a dozen occasions.

He claimed he targeted the first victim because he believed “she displayed exhibitionist characteristics and wanted to be noticed”.

Mr Blake, of Mineral Wells, Ohio, is in jail and has not been offered bail.

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