Two women arrested for brawling in front of relative's casket at funeral home

Off-duty police officer and her aunt charged with simple assault for fight in hallway

Gabriel Samuels
Thursday 04 August 2016 11:55 BST
The alleged altercation occurred at a funeral home
The alleged altercation occurred at a funeral home (2014 Getty Images)

Two women, one of them an off-duty police officer, have been arrested after they allegedly started brawling and swearing at a funeral home in front of the casket of a family member.

Tracey Schweitzer, a 49-year-old policewoman from Pittsburgh, was reportedly angered when her aunt Suzanne Troy, 62, appeared at the funeral of another aunt - saying it was the latter’s dying wish that her sister not attend the ceremony.

Ms Schweitzer then asked Ms Troy to leave the Beinhauer Funeral Home, to which the latter responded by lifting up her dress and saying “kiss my a**” according to CBS Pittsburgh.

The police officer alleges Ms Troy then threatened to “shoot her in the head”, before the pair began fighting in the hallway of the establishment.

Ms Schweitzer said her aunt had kicked, punched and spit at her, while Ms Troy says she was struck in the face, arm and chest by her niece.

It is believed Ms Troy had been estranged from the family, but the cause of this estrangement has not been disclosed.

Two funeral home employees who overheard confirmed the description of the events preceding the fight, but told officers they were not sure who initiated the altercation.

Police officers responding to the incident reported both women had sustained minor injuries.

Following their arrests Ms Schweitzer was released on bail, while her aunt remains in county jail pending further investigations.

A preliminary hearing at the Pittsburgh city court has been scheduled for Thursday afternoon, as both women face charges of simple assault.

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