You can now buy the CIA's 'evil' Osama Bin Laden doll

Doll was codenamed 'Devil Eyes'

Christopher Hooton
Monday 10 November 2014 09:38 GMT
(Nate D. Sanders)

A fan of secret service memorabilia? Keen to strengthen your resolve never to become a terrorist? This could be the auction for you, with the CIA-made Osama Bin Laden doll being auctioned off with bidding starting at $2,500.

The doll was designed by Hasbro executive and G.I. Joe creator Donald Levine for an "influence operation" that was to see the dolls distributed to children in the Middle East in the hope that it would put them off joining al Qaeda.

The plan was scrapped and only three dolls were ever made.

One of them is now for sale on auctioning website Nate D. Sanders, already attracting a bid of $2,500.

"Scarce and nearly unbelievable prototype of Osama Bin Laden doll intended for use in Arab countries in order to persuade children from idolizing the terror leader," the lot's description reads.

(Nate D. Sanders)

"The project was discontinued after the prototypes were developed, with this prototype being one of just three in existence.

"The other two remain either at C.I.A. headquarters or the Pentagon. The doll's permanent head is a look-alike representation of Bin Laden, and comes with a removable head featuring a depiction of Bin Laden as a ''demon''.

"The removable head is a frightening representation of Bin Laden, with his face painted bright red with black facial features and bright green eyes.

Of the doll's sartorial aspects, it adds: "The doll wears traditional Islamic garb, a white removable five button robe over a four button white tunic with a mock collar, with off-white cloth pants and a pair of black mock velcro boots."

The doll comes with a "letter of authenticity" signed by Levine's son, and could sell for tens of thousands given that the majority of bids are expected on the final day of the auction.

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