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'Handsome' Putin praised in bizarre Chinese propaganda video

Children invite "Uncle Putin" to visit their nursery and young women literally sing his praises, in a bizarre online propaganda video

Doug Bolton
Saturday 09 May 2015 14:37 BST
A screenshot from the video, in which Chinese citizens (literally) sing the praises of Vladimir Putin
A screenshot from the video, in which Chinese citizens (literally) sing the praises of Vladimir Putin

In honour of Chinese President Xi Jinping's ongoing visit to Russia, an unusual propaganda video has been released in which ordinary Chinese people lavish praise upon the "strong" and "handsome" Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel of New China TV, a branch of the Chinese Xinhua news agency.

Translated from the original Russian subtitles, the video entitled 'How much do Chinese people know about Russia?' gives an interesting insight into the ever-closer relationship between the two nations.

The video consists of a number of sections, which ask a selection of Chinese people what they think about Russia, what they think of Putin, and what they want to say to him.

The people giving their opinions range from older Chinese women to young children, but they all spend the whole video lavishing Russia and Putin with praise.

Some comment on Russian women, who are typically "blonde", with "long legs". Others mention bread and vodka, Russians' "cheerful" tone of voice, and the "handsome, kind and good-looking" Russians who make their home in China.

President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, in Moscow ahead of the parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over the Nazis in WWII.

It's all fairly charming, but the most unusual part of the video comes when the subjects are asked to give their opinions of Vladimir Putin.

"Putin is a nice guy", says one woman. "Putin is a good man", says another.

One young man is first to comment on Putin's "big muscles", while another man mentions the "profound friendship" between the two nation's leaders.

Chinese kindergarten children encourage "Uncle Putin" to visit their nursery and try their steamed buns

A woman with a small child says that "relations between China and Russia are harmonious", before adding "I just say what I know", displaying the kind of down-home geopolitical knowledge that everyone in the video seems to have.

When asked "what do you want to say to Putin?", the kindergarten children, who show a suspiciously detailed knowledge of world leaders, are keen to invite "Uncle Putin" to their nursery, telling him he must try their steamed buns.

Before the video ends, all the people break out into spontaneous song - three young women in a bar start literally singing the Russian leader's praises, in a verse that says how "one should marry someone like Putin, a powerful and strong man who never drinks too much."

Putin's hearthrob status, often derided in the West, clearly holds for China's young women.

President Xi Jinping is in Moscow for today's Victory Day parade, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany. Many Western leaders chose not to attend the celebrations, but the Chinese premier's attendance, coupled with the release of the video, should help further cement Sino-Russian relations even more.

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