Ludhiana farmer receives train after suing Indian Northern Railways for taking his land

The train usually runs between Amritsar and New Delhi and is 300 metres long

Friday 17 March 2017 15:08
Swarna Shatabdi Express train
Swarna Shatabdi Express train

An Indian farmer has received a train after suing Northern Railways for taking his land.

The court had awarded Sampuran Singh almost 1.5 million Rupees (£18,550) in compensation and when Northern Railways failed to comply, the judge ordered a train and the station masters’ office at Ludhiana station be handed over instead.

The Swarna Shatabdi Express train, which usually runs between Amritsar and New Delhi, has now become the property of Mr Singh, a resident of Katana village.

So far, Northern Railways have reportedly only paid Mr Singh 42,000 Rupees (£520).

Mr Singh had moved the court to get the rest of the compensation paid but received the train instead.

Anuj Parkash, the Divisional Railway Manager, said the law ministry would investigate further into the ruling.

“What will the petitioner do with the 300-metre train? Can he take it home?” Mr Parkash asked, according to the Hindustan Times.

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