The Chinese city where men have 'three girlfriends because there are so many women'

One man said the situation was 'very normal'

Serina Sandhu
Thursday 03 September 2015 13:48 BST
Men often have more than one girlfriend in Dongguan, China
Men often have more than one girlfriend in Dongguan, China (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

For some it may be classed as 'three-timing', but in one Chinese city having three girlfriends is apparently seen as the norm.

One man from the city of Dongguan, in China’s Guangdong province, has even told media it would be “embarrassing” to have only one girlfriend.

The polyamorous attitude is down to a huge gender imbalance in the city.

The population disparity is reportedly 89 men for every 100 women because local bosses in Dongguan - a centre for manufacturing - shun male employees for more reliable female workers.

One man told local TV, according to, it was easier to find a girlfriend than a job in the town, while factory worker Li Bin said: “I have three girlfriends, and all of them know about each other. Many of my friends also have many girlfriends.”

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The situation was “very normal”, according to Xiao Lin, MailOnline reported.

“Young and beautiful factory girls are everywhere. They’re simple and easy to get along with, why not have several?”

“It would be too embarrassing for someone to have just one girlfriend. Everyone will laugh at him,” he said, adding it was an acceptable activity for people when they were young.

Many men in Dongguan have odd jobs and casual work and consequently, the women will pay for their way, reported.

A Yi, who is unemployed, said: “There are plenty of women in Dongguan, and they don’t want any money. They just want a man.”

The online newspaper reported that the Guangdong Women’s Rights and Information Service said the women ignored the partners because the arrangement was better than being lonely.

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