Yulin dog meat festival: Business 'booming' despite international outcry over cruel tradition

Animal rights activists reported seeing dogs strung up, bloodied and blow torched

Siobhan Fenton
Saturday 20 June 2015 13:13 BST
Dog meat for sale at Dongkou Market in Yulin
Dog meat for sale at Dongkou Market in Yulin

Dog and cat meat traders at Yulin festival in China have said that business is booming, despite calls for it to close amid animal cruelty accusations.

It is expected that thousands of cats and dogs will be slaughtered this weekend to mark the summer solstice on Sunday in Yulin, washed down with lycee wine.

Government officials have ostensibly “banned” the controversial annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival after it attracted protesters and criticism from around the world.

Some readers may find the below images distressing

A woman on her moped transports more than 10 dogs, which had just been slaughtered, to her market shop for sale

However, the slaughter of cats and dogs for meat is not outlawed in China, and the local government in Yulin says it cannot stop legitimate businesses preparing meat in the run-up to this year’s solstice on 21 June.

Indeed, it has been reported that business is only getting better for the dog and cat meat traders as the controversy continues.

Celebrities including Leona Lewis and Ricky Gervais have denounced the festival this week.

A slaughterhouse butcher transfers a cat to a cage, to be handed off to Peter Li. Shortly after, Li rescued the cat from the slaughterhouse

Peter Li, animal activist group Humane Society International’s China specialist, visited the market earlier this week and reported: “I saw cat and dog intestines and carcasses strung up.

“Workers were blow-torching the carcasses to make them shiny and ready for shipment to restaurants. There were some dogs still alive in wire cages, but they looked exhausted, emaciated and dirty.”

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