Fortnite player admits assaulting pregnant wife when she asked him to stop and eat dinner with family

Live stream captured audio of assault which then spread on social media

Alessio Perrone
Monday 08 July 2019 09:12

An Australian man has admitted assaulting his pregnant partner during a video game live stream.

Luke James Munday, a 26-year-old Sydney resident, pleaded guilty to common assault in an Australian court on Monday for beating his partner after she insisted he stopped playing Fortnite and ate dinner with the family.

Munday was broadcasting his gaming session on live streaming platform Twitch.

Although the incident took place out of shot, the video did capture the audio of the assault, which then spread on social media.

Munday signed an agreed statement of facts in relation to the case.

The incident took place on 10 December last year.

Ms Campbell asked Munday several times to stop playing the multiplayer online game and eat dinner with the family, and he said he would be out soon.

But after a while, she “became frustrated with the lack of response,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald, and threw objects at him and at the computer in rage.

Munday stood up and slapped her in the face, then held her down on the ground.

“I just held her down because I wanted her to stop,” his statement said.

According to court documents, “a loud slapping sound” was clearly audible in the live stream of the video game session, and so was Ms Campbell’s crying and screaming that she had been hit in the face.

The couple’s young children were at home at the time of the incident and witnessed the entire assault, Australian media reported.

Munday was immediately banned from Twitch.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Ms Campbell has also been charged with common assault for allegedly throwing a kettle at Munday, and that she was granted bail on condition that she does not contact or go near him.

Munday, who works as a Telstra network engineer, faces a fine or up to two years in jail. His sentencing was adjourned to 26 August.

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