Royal tour: Australian PM Tony Abbott snubbed by Prince George

The young prince was as about as unimpressed with Mr Abbott as the Australian public are

Tomas Jivanda
Friday 25 April 2014 12:15

Tony Abbott may well be a big fan of baby George and the rest of the royal family, but its seems the young prince doesn’t quite feel the same way about the Australian Prime Minister.

Mr Abbott, a monarchist, came under fire from vocal pro-republic campaigners on Friday after he referenced Prince George in a speech about Australia’s relationship with the royals.

Speaking of how a "currently unknowable Australian prime minister" would welcome Prince George to parliament as "King George VII" one day, Mr Abbott said: "That will be a sign of the stability and the continuity in the life of our nation."

Despite the flattery however, as Mr Abbott said his goodbyes to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the runway at Canberra’s Fairbairn air base, Prince George appeared about as fond of the PM as the Australian public are.

In fact, he could hardly even bring himself to look at him. A young man of the people, it seems George is pretty in tune with his subjects down under - a recent study found the Mr Abbott is the least popular leader to win an election in 26 years.

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