Video of gas station owner extinguishing customer who wouldn’t put out cigarette goes viral

Man sprayed with fire extinguisher for smoking at gas station goes viral on Reddit

Clara Hill
Monday 23 August 2021 20:34
Gas station owner extinguishes customer who wouldn't put out cigarette.mp4

The owner of a petrol station has gone viral for taking drastic measures against an unruly customer.

CCTV footage captured the moment the man used a fire extinguished on a customer who was smoking a cigarette while on the forecourt. The roughly 18-second clip has attracted thousands of views after emerging on Reddit.

A man wearing a white t-shirt and a black baseball cap is seen to be allegedly smoking in the beginning of the clip. The owner of the store comes into view, bends over to pick a fire extinguisher and takes aim at the man with the cigarette. A cloud of white powder engulfs him.

Users of Reddit praised the owner for finding a creative solution to get the man to stop smoking, as it is dangerous to be doing so at a petrol station.

“I work at the gas station and I really want to do exactly this on situation like that. I usually quote my colleague, who said this to an older lady that was smoking: “Ma’am, there is no problem that you’re smoking here, the problem is that we won’t have any part of you that we can bury at your funeral,” wrote a Reddit user.

Another wrote, “It takes a special level of entitled stupidity to keep a lit cigarette near gas.”

However, other users warned about the dangers of doing this to another person.

“Don’t do this, CO2 extinguishers can cause people to suffocate. Probably won’t suffocate in this case because it’s a fairly open space but definitely not indoors,” someone wrote.

The footage originally was posted on YouTube in October 2017 and it is believed be from at a petrol station in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

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