Coronavirus tracked: Which countries are seeing a second wave?

And which countries are yet to even reach the peak?

Anthony Cuthbertson
Wednesday 17 June 2020 10:36 BST
Coronavirus in numbers

Coronavirus lockdowns are lifting around the world, raising concerns that it could trigger a new wave of infections.

Some countries that experienced a significant drop in new Covid-19 cases in April and May are now beginning to experience an uptick in confirmed daily cases.

The concerning trend can be seen in several countries throughout the Middle East, most notably in Iran where new cases briefly dropped below 1,000 in early May but have now more than doubled.

Iran was one of the first countries to experience a significant outbreak of the deadly virus, with close to 200,000 total cases recorded.

Looking at a smoothed seven-day rolling average for new daily cases, Iran's second wave came almost exactly one month after the first wave.

The data suggests that Iran may have already reached the peak of its second wave and is now on the decline.

Other countries in the region appear to be experiencing a more gradual second wave, with official figures from Israel revealing that new coronavirus cases have been rising consistently for the past three weeks.

Israel's second wave remains a long way off the peak of the first wave, and the country remains one of the least affected in the Middle East.

In Saudi Arabia, new cases are rising at record rates despite briefly appearing to peak in late May.

The false peak means the latest surge of new cases could be counted as a continuation of the first wave, rather than a new second wave.

Turkey is second only to Iran in terms of total coronavirus cases in the Middle East, and is also beginning to show early signs of a second wave of infections.

Recent online search trends in the United States have hinted that a second wave may be on its way, however there is yet to be a sustained drop in new cases since a massive increase in March and April.

With more than 2.1 million confirmed cases, the US is by far the worst affected country in the world and has not dropped below 20,000 new daily cases since 1 April.

The United Kingdom was briefly the second worst hit country globally but has seen a consistent fall in new cases throughout May and June.

With more than 1,000 new confirmed cases each day it continues to be the worst affected country in Europe.

Most worryingly of all are the countries that continue to see the number of new cases climb each day.

India has seen the number of new cases of Covid-19 rise nearly every day since the virus first came to the country in March, with more than 10,000 cases now recorded each day.

A similar situation can be seen in Mexico, where the peak of the first wave appears to not yet have been reached.

A new outbreak also appears to be taking hold in Beijing, though official figures from the Chinese capital suggest that it is still relatively small.

There have been more than 170 new cases of Covid-19 since last week, marking the biggest increase since the virus's spread was close to being eliminated in April.

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