Dallas police shooting: ‘Mum, I love you and I am glad you are alive’ – daughter to shot police officer Misty McBride

Shocked 10-year-old says she is just glad her mother will live

Adam Lusher
Friday 08 July 2016 11:19 BST
Hunter McBride relieved her mother is safe

The 10-year-old daughter of Misty McBride, a police officer wounded in the Dallas shootings, has said she is just glad her mum is still alive.

Hunter McBride spoke to TV news crews after she and her grandfather Richard McBride visited her mother in Baylor hospital, Dallas, where she is being treated for gunshot wounds to the stomach and shoulder.

With her grandfather placing a protective arm over her shoulder, the shocked-looking 10-year-old said she had told her mother: ‘I love you, and I am glad you are alive.’

She added: “I am just happy that she was OK, that she can live on until tomorrow.

“I am just glad she is alive.”

Ms McBride, a police officer with the Dallas Area Transit Team, was wounded as gunmen attacked a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas. At least five police officers have been killed in the deadliest day for US police since 9/11 and President Barack Obama has condemned the attack as 'vicious, calculated and despicable." Ms McBride, however, is expected to recover from her injuries and has told her family that others were worse off than her.

Misty McBride

Revealing how his daughter escaped from the gunman who shot her, Richard McBride said: “When she got shot, she fell over and turned around and started crawling back towards the car. The other officers got her and put her in the car and brought her over here [to the hospital].”

Mr McBride said: “She was shot in the arm and it broke her shoulder, and she was shot in the abdomen and it went in one side and just out the other side.”

But he added: “She’s fine. They’ve given her a bunch of medicine now, so I’m sure she’s asleep by now.

“She’s just waiting to go into surgery because she said there’s a lot of people a lot worse off than her.”

Mr McBride said his daughter had been a cop for about five years but in all that time had never been involved in such a serious incident.

Her previous police experience, he said, had been “Just your normal stuff. A few fights and stuff, but nothing like this.”

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