Easter 2016: Five of Europe’s most unique traditions

From whips to throwing water, many countries have their own take on the holiday

Jenny Marc
Thursday 24 March 2016 17:23 GMT
Five Easter traditions across Europe

With Easter fast approaching, chocolate will keep flying off the shelves across the United Kingdom as churches become a little more crowded.

But as the UK continues to prepare for the holiday with bunnies and eggs, other countries across Europe will be dusting off the water buckets and whips.

In Hungary, Easter marks the annual “sprinkling” of women, where men throw buckets of water at females who are often dressed in ornate folk clothing.

The ritual is based on the supposed cleansing effect of water and is also linked to fertility.

The Czech Republic’s tradition also focuses women, but in this case, the buckets are traded in for whips made of willow branches.

According to legend, the spanking is supposed to ensure that ladies keep their health, beauty and fertility for the upcoming year.

For other traditions that can be found across Europe, check out this video.

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