Hey teacher, leave them kids alone: Aggressive teacher gets kicked in the groin by humiliated little girl

The incident was captured on a mobile phone by a pupil at a school in Russia.

John Hall
Friday 07 September 2012 17:29 BST

An aggressive teacher may think twice about humiliating the little girls in his class in future, after one of them snapped and kicked him hard in the groin.

The incident was captured on a mobile phone by one of the girl’s fellow pupils during an English lesson in a school in Russia.

The video shows the angelic looking little girl, who appears to be about eight-years old, hauled into front of the class, where the teacher screams at her, bent double with rage.

The little girl endures a torrent of abuse with her head bowed, but when the teacher begins forcefully poking her in the head she snaps, shrugging his arm away and kicking him hard in the groin.

The girl then runs from the classroom, leaving her shocked teacher in visible pain.

Russian speakers commenting on the video say that the teacher’s rant seems to be based on little more than the fact the girl could not understand the work on the board.

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