Children’s TV show about a man with an uncontrollable giant penis launched in Denmark

Animated series aimed at children aged between four and eight has enraged some parents

Chiara Giordano
Wednesday 06 January 2021 17:35 GMT
Still image from Danish children’s TV show John Dillermand about a man with a giant penis
Still image from Danish children’s TV show John Dillermand about a man with a giant penis (DR/screengrab)

Denmark has released a children’s TV show about a man with a giant penis – and it’s been getting mixed reviews.  

John Dillermand is an animated series aimed at four-to-eight-year-olds which chronicles the life of a man who has “the world’s longest penis”.  

The first 13 episodes, aired by public broadcaster DR on 2 January, tells how the character’s uncontrollable ‘diller’ - Danish slang for penis - often gets him into trouble.  

But it can also be used as a force for good and he saves the day by rescuing babies, hoisting a flag and using it to catch fish when he forgets his rod. 

"We think it's important to be able to tell stories about bodies," DR posted on Facebook on Tuesday, The Local  reported.  

"In the series, we recognise (young children's) growing curiosity about their bodies and genitals, as well as embarrassment and pleasure in the body."  

The programme has divided public opinion, with some claiming it is inappropriate, especially in the age of the #MeToo movement.  

One Twitter user said he had no problem with children “knowing John has a diller” but questioned whether they needed to know it was “gigantic and can do wild things”.  

He added: “No need to teach them that it should preferably be large. They learn that early enough #bodypositivity.”  

Another agreed it could lead to children growing up with “either with an inferiority complex (i.e., 'my penis isn't as big as Dillermand’s) or with unreasonable expectations”.  

Still image from Danish children’s TV show John Dillermand about a man with a giant penis (DR)

While one person simply wrote: “A children's show about a man who can't control his really long penis. #Denmark What were you thinking?”  

Despite that, one parent said the show was “actually kind of meh... but the kids seem to enjoy it”.  

“Also, it has a catchy theme song,” she added.  

While another person suggested the debate was from an adult’s perspective and children will just find it humorous.  

He wrote: “Some adults never understand why kids find "John Dillermand" hysterically funny, it's because many adults sexualise genitalia.  

“The show has nothing to do with sex, but about helping others, correct your own mistakes.”  

Responding to criticism, DR said the programme could have easily been about “a woman with no control over her vagina”, the Guardian reports. 

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