The tension between Kosovo and Serbia has deep roots. The EU and US are still struggling to find a solution...

The violent clashes in northern Kosovo are the latest in a long line of flare-ups, writes Chris Stevenson

Friday 02 June 2023 16:26 BST
<p>Nato peacekeepers guard a municipal building after clashes with Kosovo Serbs</p>

Nato peacekeepers guard a municipal building after clashes with Kosovo Serbs

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the issue that loomed largest over the summit of 47 European leaders in Moldova on Thursday, a significant undercurrent involved a crisis between Kosovo and Serbia around 500 miles away.

Tensions that have existed for decades burst into fresh violent clashes this week in northern Kosovo – and the political fallout shows few signs of abating quickly. The US, the EU and Russia are among those weighing in, while Nato has said it is ready to send more troops to the area if an end to the unrest is not forthcoming.

A complex historical dispute

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