Drones, bombs and raids: Why Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory are only the beginning

British and US officials acknowledge privately that Ukraine has carried out secret cross-border operations with rising success, writes Kim Sengupta

Wednesday 31 May 2023 10:58 BST
<p>A specialist inspects an apartment building after a drone attack in Moscow</p>

A specialist inspects an apartment building after a drone attack in Moscow

This morning’s attack on Moscow, reportedly by a swarm of up to 30 drones, demonstrates Ukraine’s increasing capacity, and willingness, to take the war to the Russian capital.

This is not the first such assault. The Kremlin was hit by drones three weeks ago. Senior Western security officials described to me how they believed that airstrike, exposing an embarrassing vulnerability at the heart of Vladimir Putin’s power, had been carried out.

According to their account, four drones, carrying small explosive payloads, were launched from a wooded area outside Moscow. One was detected by air defences and destroyed. Two got through to the target before being shot down, one possibly by rifle fire from the ground.

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