Swedish cricket match descends into mass brawl

Umpire left with broken arm as bats used as weapons

Alina Polianskaya
Monday 02 July 2018 16:33 BST
People hit each other with cricket bats during the fight
People hit each other with cricket bats during the fight (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Three people, including the umpire, were reportedly taken to hospital after a cricket match in Sweden turned into a brawl which saw people hitting each other with bats.

The fight broke out in Kviberg in Gothenberg, as the game took place on Sunday evening.

Between 15 and 20 people from the two teams were involved in the fight, which police said left the umpire with a broken arm, according to SVT.

Police spokesman Hans Lippens told the Swedish news site that officers arrived to find two people lying on the ground.

Three people were also seen running from the scene, he added, but they were later arrested on suspicion of assault.

It is not yet known if anyone else involved will also be arrested on suspicion of any crimes.

Others had been hit in the face and leg, according to reports by Swedish new site GP.

It is not known why the fight broke out but police told local media that there were several bats involved.

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