Dramatic footage of mudslide in Swiss town of Chamoson

Mudslide filmed crashing down mountain into village in Switzerland

Jets of mud seen gushing into air and landing on bridge as woman screams

Tom Embury-Dennis@tomemburyd
Thursday 09 August 2018 23:41

A massive mudslide has been filmed crashing down a mountain into a Swiss village, narrowly avoiding onlookers and damaging cars and buildings.

According to Swiss media, the mudslide began in a stream above the village of Grugnay on Tuesday, and was triggered by heavy rains.

People in the area moved off the road to make way for the earth and debris, as it sped down the slope, sweeping up trees and cars in its path.

In separate footage, jets of mud are seen gushing into the air and landing on a bridge as a woman screams. The person filming the incident backs away as soil falls about their feet.

People standing on the bridge can be heard shouting and telling one another to be careful.

Despite the damage, no injuries were reported.

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It comes amid a summer that has seen a number of weather-related incidents around the globe.

California and Greece have both seen their worst wildfires on record in recent weeks, parts of Australia are struggling with its worst drought in half a century, while Britain has seen its driest start to summer since records began.

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