Ukraine on manoeuvres in its counterpunch against Russia: ‘This is our big shot we can’t screw it up’

The blowing up of the dam near Kherson will delay an amoured assault in the area, writes Kim Sengupta. But Kyiv's forces are conducting operations across other areas of the frontline

Wednesday 07 June 2023 19:59 BST
<p>Ukrainian forces in Donetsk</p>

Ukrainian forces in Donetsk

The blowing up of the Nova Kakhovka dam will delay an expected armoured thrust in the area by Ukrainian forces, but military action in the preliminary stages of Kyiv's counteroffensive continues across the frontline.

The route along the dam near Kherson was one the Ukrainians would have taken to move armour – like tanks – and heavy equipment. There were also plans for landings on islands downstream, where fierce clashes have been taking place for some time. The submerging of these pathways means that tactics are redrawn and troops and weapons repositioned.

But Ukrainian forces, including marines, are continuing unaffected with cautious advances on both the southern and eastern frontline in small numbers. The operations are taking place largely without artillery and armoured support, and appear to be testing Russian defences to probe for weaknesses.

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