Haitian president, Jovenel Moïse shot 12 times in violent assassination as two suspects arrested

President’s daughter hid in her brother’s room while attackers tied up others in the house

Justin Vallejo
New York
Thursday 08 July 2021 15:41
Four 'mercenaries' killed, two arrested after Haiti president assassinated

Haiti president Jovenel Moïse was shot 12 times and his left eye “blown out”, while four suspected gunmen were killed and two captured in a dramatic shootout less than 24 hours after the assassination.

Judge Carl Henry Destin, the deputy justice of the peace of Pétion-Ville, told Haiti’s French-language newspaper Le Nouvelliste that Mr Moïse’s body was found riddled with a dozen bullet wounds made by a large-calibre weapon and 9 mm firearms.

“We found him lying on his back, blue pants, a white shirt stained with blood, his mouth open, his left eye gouged out,” Mr Destin said.

“We saw a bullet impact at the level of his forehead, one in each nipple, three at the hip, one in the abdomen.”

Mr Destin told the newspaper that the president’s office and bedroom were ransacked while his daughter, Jomarlie Jovenel Moïse, hid in her brother’s bedroom during the attack.

A boy in the house and a maid were tied up by the commando team shouting “DEA operation” while "many 5.56 and 7.62 mm cartridge cases” were found between the gatehouse to inside the residence, he said.

Mr Moïse’s wife was the only other person shot. She was flown to Miami’s Ryder Trauma Center for treatment and is expected to survive.

The graphic details emerged as police killed four suspected “foreign mercenaries” and captured two in a shootout less than 24 hours after the assassination.

Haiti’s police chief, Léon Charles, said a statement they were “blocked” as they left the president’s house and that they had been battling them since surrounding their hideout.

Mr Charles said aid three police officers held hostage by the gunmen were released after the shootout.

Those killed and captured in the shootout were not identified and evidence of their links to the assassination have yet to be released.

Additional reporting by Associated Press.

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