Filipino man found raped and beaten in Saudi Arabia desert

The man appeared to have been left for dead in the desert when he was found

Kashmira Gander
Tuesday 27 May 2014 16:32
The desert 600 kms north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The desert 600 kms north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A Filipino man is in a critical condition in a Saudi Arabian hospital, after he was reportedly raped and beaten by a gang of men believed to be police officers in the desert almost two weeks ago.

He was found nude on 16 May, following the violent attack.

The man referred to as “Mario”, is being treated in an intensive care unit in the capital city of Riyadh, Filipino broadcaster ABS CBN reported.

During the attack, Mario sustained serious head injuries and multiple fractures. Doctors are currently monitoring him to identify possible internal bleeding.

Before the incident, Mario had worked inside a mall, and had returned to the Middle Eastern country from the Philippines to renew his contract.

Mario's friend told reporters: "I was the first to identify him: I recognised him in someone's Facebook post.

"I was the one who said he was from my town [in the Philippines]"

Another friend said he last saw Mario in the Batha region of the capital on 12 May.

Despite struggling to speak and move, Mario was able to write out messages that may help identify his attackers.

Mario’s friend told reporters that a suspect had been arrested in Batha.

"I told him to write out each letter one by one so we could understand him. This is what he first wrote: "Saudi", after this, we got "officer", "police".

"That's who was responsible for what happened to him," Jamila claimed.

"And then they took him to Malaz. We asked him how many were involved, and he said four.

"So he got arrested in Batha, then taken to Malaz where he got raped."

The Philippine embassy already visited Mario and has been in contact with his employer.

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