Islamic State: US Government releases graphic mock propaganda video showing crucifixions, executions and suicide bombing

The State Department is attempting to discourage Americans from joining Isis

Lizzie Dearden
Sunday 07 September 2014 13:29 BST
Footage of a mosque being blown up in a US anti-Isis video
Footage of a mosque being blown up in a US anti-Isis video (YouTube)

The US Government has released a graphic mock Islamic State (Isis) recruitment video showing executions and crucifixions to discourage Americans from joining the group.

More than 100 Americans are believed to have joined the Islamist group in Iraq and Syria, where it is fighting a bloody campaign to establish a caliphate.

Hundreds of foreign fighters, including up to 500 from Britain, are bolstering the militants’ ranks and the US and other countries are trying to stop more fanatics going.

The video, which is part of the “Think Again, Turn Away” anti-radicalisation project, uses gruesome images of executions, suicide bombings, floggings and corpses to make its point.

A parody of Isis’ own propaganda videos, it is called “Welcome to the ‘Islamic State’ land”.

In one scene, men lying on the ground and surrounded by onlookers are shot dead at point-blank range and another uses footage of a suicide bomb in a mosque.

The video was part of the 'Think Again, Turn Away' anti-radicalisation programme
The video was part of the 'Think Again, Turn Away' anti-radicalisation programme (YouTube)

Dead bodies are shown nailed to crosses in mock crucifixions that Isis has used to terrorise civilians in areas it controls and images of mass graves and headless corpses are shown.

Messages displayed between footage read: “You can learn useful new skills for the Ummah...blowing up mosques, crucifying and executing Muslims, plundering national resources, suicide bombings inside mosques.”

“Travel is inexpensive because you won’t need a return ticket,” it says before showing a body being thrown off a cliff.

On its Facebook page, the US State Department said: “Our message is to expose the facts about terrorists and their propaganda.“

All footage was taken from Isis’ own propaganda videos, which authorities around the world are constantly battling to remove from the internet.

Militants have used gruesome footage of the beheading of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff in an attempt to put pressure on the US to stop air strikes against fighters in Iraq.

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