Aleppo crisis: Drone footage shows the rubble where a city used to stand

MPs have met for an emergency debate on how the UK can help with the area's on-going turmoil

Matt Murphy
Tuesday 11 October 2016 16:07 BST
Drone footage shows Aleppo brought to the ground

Drone footage has been released showing how recent airstrikes have destroyed an entire neighbourhood in Aleppo.

Activists from the Aleppo Media Centre published a video showing a part of the city that has been reduced to rubble after a series of attacks.

The group is in opposition to the Syrian government, often releasing graphic videos and images that capture less reported stories from the city.

Apartment blocks are shown from different angles, reduced to an inhabitable state of dust and debris.

Al-Mashad, the area shown in the video, is located in rebel-held territory.

Today, MPs staged an emergency debate in the House of Commons about the on-going crisis in Aleppo.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for demonstrations outside the Russian embassy regarding the country’s role in the conflict.

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He said “all the available evidence” pointed to Russian responsibility for a recent attack on an aid convoy in Syria.

“I trust the UN board of inquiry will establish exactly what happened and we in the UK government stand ready to help,” said Johnson.

“I would certainly like to see demonstrations outside the Russian embassy… where is the Stop the War coalition at the moment?

“Where are they? I believe it’s up to us in the Government to show a lead.”

The US government is also currently seeking a way to investigate the war crimes it claims Russia is responsible for in Syria.

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