Woman falls off California's highest bridge while taking selfie - and survives

The woman fell 60 feet from the fourth highest bridge in the United States

Niamh McIntyre
Thursday 06 April 2017 16:17 BST
Foresthill Bridge, California
Foresthill Bridge, California (Nick Ares)

A woman who fell 60 feet from one of the highest bridges in the United States was attempting to take a selfie, local police have confirmed.

The woman, who was visiting Foresthill Bridge in Eastern California on Tuesday with a group of friends, entered an unauthorised area and walked along the girders on the underside of the bridge.

She was later air-lifted to a nearby hospital, and is expected to survive the fall.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, Placer County Sherriff’s Office said: “The walkways under the Foresthill Bridge are closed for the protection of our residents and our community. Be safe and tour the bridge from the sidewalks above.

“This young lady is very lucky to be alive and the consequences could have been worse for her, her friends and her family.”

Trespassing on this section of the bridge is illegal under Placer County Law - but this hasn’t stopped determined thrill-seekers from trying to get pictures of themselves in the dramatic setting.

The dangerous social media trend has been a problem in the area for some time.

After apprehending ten people on the girders in just one day in 2015, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department said: "The daredevils are not just out there walking -- they are getting braver. There’s peer pressure, so when they are out there, they are doing stupid things,"

"We really want this to stop before someone dies."

Close to 100 people have died from either falling or jumping off the bridge.

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