Meet the Meghan Markle superfans preparing for the royal wedding

'I find Meghan the most phenomenal, spirit-full, flawless person out there'

Rachel Hosie
Tuesday 15 May 2018 09:27 BST
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Not only has Meghan Markle captured the heart of the world’s most eligible bachelor, but the actress, humanitarian and soon-to-be royal has won herself a legion of devoted fans.

Much like the Duchess of Cambridge and Diana, Princess of Wales before her, public interest in Meghan Markle is insatiable.

She’s been lauded for championing humanitarian causes, refusing to stick to outdated royal tradition and being a role model to women the world over.

Anything she wears sells out immediately, and, seemingly, everything she touches turns to gold.

But whilst many people claim to be interested in the former Suits actress, Markle has an army of superfans who just can’t get enough of her.

There are endless social media accounts devoted to her every move, allowing fans the opportunity to fawn over her outfits and follow her daily movements.

One of which is Meghan’s Mirror, a website focussing on the soon-to-be-royal’s fashion choices. The website is run by two women, Amanda and Christine at Effervescence Media, who believe one of the main reasons Markle has such a cult following is that she’s relatable.

“She is a real, all-American modern girl-next-door,” Amanda explained to The Independent. “Meghan has a career, goes to yoga, has lunch with her girlfriends, volunteers with charities and posted inspirational quotes - and her dogs - on Instagram.

“Between her social media accounts, role on Suits, and lifestyle site, The Tig, we have had almost endless access to someone who, as a royal, could seem completely inaccessible.”

And this has allowed the public to feel like they know Markle better than any other member of the royal family.

“Whether you see her in a magazine, on TV or speaking at the UN, you feel like you know her and that she is every bit as nice as she comes across in interviews and public appearances,” says Nicole, 33, from Texas, who has kept every magazine she’s bought with Markle on the cover since 2015.

“I’m just always so impressed with her poise and the way that she presents herself in public,” Nicole told The Independent. “She seems extremely down to earth and I also really like that she is quite vocal about learning from every experience.”

“Meghan didn't come from a privileged background and worked hard to get her big break,” agrees Brenda Gabriel, 36, from London. “This makes her more relatable. To be able to make it into the British royal family as an American, biracial divorcee says a lot about her strength of character. What is there not to love?

“Apart from the fact she is gorgeous, has amazing dress sense and bagged a tomboy prince, I love what she stands for and her story.”

To many, Markle is an inspiration: “In many ways Meghan reminds many of us that anything is possible,” Gabriel enthuses.

“Whether it’s changing the wording of adverts, becoming a top actress, helping through charity work or marrying into the royal family despite being from the ‘wrong’ background on several counts, Meghan shows us that being self assured, holding our own and being a genuinely lovely person will get you far in life.”

“There is something very accessible about Meghan. She appears to wear her heart on her sleeve and genuinely cares for people and genuinely loves Harry. You can see it all over her face. Her smiles are genuine and the love between her and Harry is #CoupleGoalz.

“Meghan doesn’t try to mould herself to fit anyone’s idea of who she should be. It’s not surprising Harry fell for her.”

In the eyes of her fans, Markle is so relatable it’s as if she represents them.

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“I think she’s a true icon for women of our generation,” says 25-year-old Eppie Shepherd from East London.

But to others, it’s the ways in which Marke is different that makes her so appealing.

“I find Meghan the most phenomenal, spirit-full, flawless person out there where she isn’t just a random person who happens to be becoming royalty, she fights constantly for equality and justice and nothing about that is random,” Gharam Al-Zu’bi, who has 129,000 followers on her Markle fan account, told The Independent.

Habibah, who lives in Toronto where Suits is filmed, also runs an Instagram account dedicated to Markle and says she has sent multiple letters to the royal family.

“On a day Meghan makes appearances, I post between half a dozen to a dozen times in a day,” she explained to The Independent, adding that she has UK-based friends sending her royal wedding memorabilia to Canada.

It may seem like a lot but people just can’t get enough of Markle.

“I’m not a stalker-level fan but if I see a story about her I do have to read it,” Gabriel admits. “I probably know more about her eyebrows and beauty regime than Meghan does! I still google the engagement photos because - aren’t they just the best engagement photos ever?!”

Indeed, it’s the relationship between Markle and Prince Harry - the couple aren’t afraid to show their feelings in public - which has endeared them to many.

But it’s the idea of the fairytale romance combined with Markle being a successful woman that makes her different.

“I think Meghan will be a fantastic addition to the royal family,” Nicole says.

And it’s safe to say every one of Markle’s fans around the world is looking forward to Saturday. There might just be one tiny level where emotions other than happiness rear their heads...

“I am so looking forward to the royal wedding,” Gabriel says, “But also a little gutted because at 36, that could have been me marrying Harry.”

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