Muhammad Ali: How 'The Greatest' stopped a man from killing himself

'I'm your brother, I want to help you,' Ali told the man

Samuel Osborne
Saturday 04 June 2016 09:46 BST
Muhammad Ali saves suicidal man from jumping to his death

Muhammad Ali, who died Saturday aged 74, is renowned for being a three-time heavyweight champion - but he was more than just a boxer.

Ali once saved a man from killing himself by jumping from a building.

As the man threatened to jump from the 9th floor window ledge, Ali was in the area and volunteered to talk to him.

Ali appeared at the window near the man, reportedly telling him: "I'm your brother, I want to help you."

Recognising Ali, the man allowed him to approach him on the ledge.

Over a tense 20 minutes, Ali persuaded the man to come down.

When it was over, Ali later said, the man began to weep.

He was later admitted ot a psychiatric hospital for veterans where Ali promised to visit him later that week.

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Ali's death was confirmed by his family on Saturday.

He had battled Parkinson's disease for more than 30 years and was admitted to hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, with a respiratory condition earlier in the week.

The funeral will take place in Ali's home town of Louisville, Kentucky.

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