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Clive White
Saturday 17 September 2011 15:32

Found on the Web: The home page of the England 2006 World Cup bid

If it's a balanced and unbiased appraisal of England's bid to host the 2006 World Cup you're after, it's best to go elsewhere, but if you want to fly the flag, read all about why England is the one and only country that really is fit to stage the cup, and get a blow by blow account of all the foreign junkets FA luminaries have been on in the course of duty, head here. Never have so many travelled so far, pressing so much flesh for so long in pursuit of a tournament that was promised to the Germans. By whom? The English FA, of course.

Seen But Not Bought

WHY WOULD anyone want to buy a nine carat gold Sheffield Wednesday stick pin? Especially when the pins - a choice of small Owls on pins or the word "Owls" on a pin or a club badge on a pin - start at pounds 27.99 and can cost as much as pounds 39.99. Why would anyone at all, even an Italian striker, want to own such an item? Why would he use such an item to stick into his referee toy? He would not, of course. And neither would any other sensible person.

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