Match in Brazil abandoned after nine players sent off following mass punch-up

The game was called off 11 minutes before the end of the game

Jack Austin
Monday 19 February 2018 11:21
Football match between Vitoria and Bahia in Brazil descends in violence

A match in Brazil was abandoned 11 minutes before the end after nine players were sent off in a game which was marred by a mass punch-up between players from both sides.

The derby match in the Bahia state championship between Vitoria and Bahia was 1-1 when the final player, Bruno Bispo, was sent off, leaving the hosts Vitoria with six men on the pitch.

The minimum requirement for a team to have on the field is seven players, leading to the referee to call off the game 11 minutes early.

It all started when Vinicius equalised from the penalty spot four minutes after half-time and celebrated with a provocative dance in front of the Vitoria supporters which led to a mass brawl.

Punches were thrown from players of both teams leading to five men sent off, three from Bahia and two from Vitoria, before one more player from each side was sent off a couple of minutes later as tempers frayed in the stands as well.

With 13 minutes remaining a fourth Vitoria player saw red leading to Bispo kicking the ball away and receiving a second yellow card of the game, prompting the referee to signal an end to the match.

The result will now be decided by Brazil’s sporting court.

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