Bolt offers tips to Ronaldo at Manchester United training

Sunday 23 October 2011 00:59

The world's fastest man offered running tips to football's world player of the year today as Usain Bolt dropped in on a Manchester United training session.

Bolt, the Olympic triple gold medalist and United fan, took the opportunity to advise speedy winger Cristiano Ronaldo how to adjust the running technique that torments defences but often sees him tumble to the ground too easily.

"I explained to him a few things about when he is running and reaches top speed he starts to tip over, he always does that," Bolt said. "I let him know if he brings his foot on the center of gravity, or even in front of him, it will be much easier. He will be much better and he will go faster for longer.

"Because he's so fast they keep pushing him around, he needs to be more aggressive (and) they will leave him alone. I think Ronaldinho had the same problem. They found he was very skillful and they kind of picked on him a lot. He got more aggressive and they stopped picking on him."

Bolt, who captured the 100 and 200-meter world records at the Beijing Olympics last year, will be able to see if Ronaldo has listened to his advice Saturday.

Bolt will be at Old Trafford as United looks to secure the Premier League title by getting at least a draw against Arsenal. The 22-year-old Jamaican will also appear on the pitch at halftime and present the player of the year award.

"I want to run on the pitch and score in the net if they let me," Bolt said. "It will be something for me to have pictures of. Who knows, maybe I can be a Man U player in the future!"

Bolt is in Manchester for his first European event of the year on Sunday, a 150-meter street race on a specially constructed track.

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