VIDEO: England fan hits Peru player in the head - with a paper plane

Supporters inside Wembley took to throwing the crude contraptions when things got boring on the pitch

Simon Rice
Saturday 31 May 2014 13:19 BST
A paper plane is thrown at Wembley
A paper plane is thrown at Wembley (GETTY IMAGES)

When fans begin making their own entertainment by throwing paper planes it's a sure sign that there isn't much excitement on the pitch.

That's what happened last night at Wembley as England broke down an unambitious Peru side to eventually win 3-0. The scoreline suggests there was more entertainment than there really was, with only Daniel Sturridge's goal a moment of real class on the night.

And so it was that fans began to turn the sheets of paper that they were given to hold up during the national anthem into crude contraptions to throw onto the pitch.

Few of the many attempts made it onto the pitch. In fact, I can personally testify that many more made it into the press box with the risk of being hit from above a real risk throughout reporting on the game.

The one's that did make it onto the pitch were greeted with cheers almost as big as those reserved for the night's goals. However one plane in particular received the biggest cheer of the entire night.

Watch the incident...

A superbly designed attempt thrown from the top tier of the West Stand made it's way onto the pitch and while 83,000 saw where it was heading, one person didn't, the player it hit. Peru player Hansell Riojas was hit in the back of the head to the great delight of the England fans.

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