Hector Bellerin accuses ArsenalFanTV of ‘hustling’ people and not being real Arsenal fans

Bellerin was speaking at the Oxford Union 

Jack Austin@jackaustin_1
Friday 16 February 2018 13:18
Hector Bellerin accuses Arsenal Fan TV of ‘hustling’ people and not being real Arsenal fans

Hector Bellerin has hit out at ArsenalFanTV for profiting from the team’s failures, especially as they claim to be supporting the team.

ArsenalFanTV has more than 650,000 subscribers but has become infamous for the foul-mouthed rants of supporters in the aftermath of disappointing defeats.

Bellerin was speaking during an appearance at the Oxford Union, where he insisted he and his teammates pay little attention to the videos and questioned whether they are actually real fans of the club.

“I don't think there's players who go on the internet to watch ArsenalFanTV,” Bellerin said. “It does sometimes pop up on your timeline. I see it sometimes, some friends say ‘oh have you heard what that guy on ArsenalFanTV said?’

“It's so wrong for someone who claims to be a fan and their success is fed off a failure. How can that be a fan? There's just people hustling, trying to make money their way, which everyone is entitled to do.

“For us players it doesn't affect us. If they want to have fun with it then have fun. When you grow you realise what is important to you to take [on board].

“If a coach comes to me and says you've done something bad I'm going to take that advice. If someone from ArsenalFanTV says this guy needs to do this or that I'm not going to listen to him.

“They're entitled to their opinion and the way they want to do it. If people find it funny then go watch it.”

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