Indy Football Podcast, The Century special: Messi vs Ronaldo and was Zidane overrated?

Season 3 Episode 8: Luke Brown is joined by Miguel Delaney, Tony Evans and Ben Burrows for a Century special

Wednesday 16 October 2019 16:53
Download the latest episode of The Indy Football Podcast
Download the latest episode of The Indy Football Podcast

This week on the Indy Football Podcast, we discuss The Independent’s week-long Century countdown.

Host Luke Brown is joined by Chief Football Writer Miguel Delaney, columnist Tony Evans and Sports Editor Ben Burrows to discuss the 100 greatest players of the 21st century in detail.

They discuss who should top the countdown: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? And Miguel explains how the duo have changed our very definition of individual greatness.

The team also discuss the merits of a number of other wonderful players. Was Zinedine Zidane overrated? Was David Villa underrated? And should Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk really be included in the list?

There is also a time for a quick discussion on Paul Scholes, which prompts a trademark Tony meltdown and the immortal line: “Everybody involved in compiling this list should be shot. Including myself.”


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The Century

This week, we are counting down the 100 greatest players of the 21st century, revealing 20 per day until the winner is announced on Friday.

We asked 10 of our football writers to select 50 players, with each pick awarded points contributing to a final score.

Join us throughout the week for a wide selection of exclusive interviews and features, as we celebrate the best players of the last twenty years.

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