West Ham vs Manchester United delayed as Wayne Rooney says 'our coach was getting smashed up'

Videos showed missiles thrown in its direction in ugly scenes ahead of final Boleyn Ground match

James Orr
Tuesday 10 May 2016 19:33
West Ham fans 'attack' Man Utd bus

Wayne Rooney has said that Manchester United's coach "got smashed up" as it tried to arrive at Upton Park for West Ham's final match at the ground.

The game was delayed 45 minutes until 8.30pm, and images and videos appear to show missiles thrown in the direction of the coach as it attempted to get near the ground.

"It wasn't nice. The coach got smashed up, but we're here now, so have to prepare for the game and go out and do our job”.

West Ham fans destroying the Manchester United team bus. #WHUFC pic.twitter.com/B31i5RY3D1

“I'm sure you'll see the images. That's not for me to say, but I think it was disappointing of course. We know it's a big game for West Ham, big night for them, leaving the stadium, but I'm sure West Ham as a club will be disappointed with what the fans have done."

A view of bus arriving at the Boleyn Ground

The bus carrying the Manchester United team after having a window smashed on its way to play West Ham in the last match to be held at the Boleyn Ground (AFP/Getty Images)
A window of United's coach showing the damage 

United manager Louis van Gaal said: "What do I have to tell? The images tell everything. I have seen also the police were taping. It is also a lot of emotions for people but for us it is the second time in London we have to start later. It is better than last time because we have received our preparation time.

"It is not the first time I have seen that. It is not so nice. The way we have been received is not the proper way of course. That makes all the influence on the players and that is a pity."

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