Man gets QR code tattoo linking to YouTube video of his favourite team, before Twitter users get footage removed for copyright infringement

'Whoever uploaded that video should delete it for the bants'

Tom Embury-Dennis
Friday 12 April 2019 09:52 BST
River Plate fan has QR code linking to goals video tattooed on his leg
River Plate fan has QR code linking to goals video tattooed on his leg

After River Plate secured their 5-3 two-legged Copa Libertadores Finals win last year, one fan decided to give himself a permanent if unconventional reminder of the famous victory over arch rivals Boca Juniors.

The man in question opted to have a QR code tattooed on his leg which, if scanned on a mobile phone, would instantly bring up a YouTube video showing the goals in that tie.

The enthusiasm inherent in his unorthodox commemoration proved little match for the cynicism of Twitter users, however, who embarked on a campaign to have the video it linked to removed for copyright infringement.

Footage shared on social media by Argentinian sports journalist Ariel Cristofalo showed a man using a mobile phone to scan the QR code, which appeared to have been freshly tattooed on the unnamed River Plate supporter's calf.

The clip it linked to, titled “La Gloria Eterna!!!”, also showed the team’s post-match celebrations and the lifting of the trophy.

After Mr Cristofalo's footage was shared thousands of times on Twitter, a number of users set about rendering the QR code useless.

“Whoever uploaded that video should delete it for the bants. Actually I’m gonna go and report it for copyright infringement as we speak just to ruin his tattoo lol,” a Manchester United fan tweeted Thursday afternoon, while providing a link to the clip and encouraging others to do the same.

Hours later, the video had disappeared, with the message, “This video is unavailable” displayed instead.

“I can’t breathe,” the Manchester United fan tweeted, alongside a screengrab of the page where the video used to be.

Many social media users revelled in the River Plate’s apparent naivety, while others criticised those who had succeeded in getting the video deleted.

“I love how people are mad, like this was some amazing beautiful selfless idea that someone ruined with an elaborate evil scheme that took time money and effort in amounts that border on psychopath,” one user tweeted.

“It was f***ing stupid, which is why it took 5 minutes to ruin and was inevitable.”

YouTube has been contacted for comment.

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