Jake Paul mocks ‘fake’ Claressa Shields with Conor McGregor comparison after MMA loss

Shields lost for the first time since she was an amateur

Sarah Rendell
Thursday 28 October 2021 15:46
<p>Claressa Shields lost her second MMA bout</p>

Claressa Shields lost her second MMA bout

YouTube star and boxer Jake Paul says it’s “karma” that Claressa Shields lost her second MMA fight after she said she would “embarrass” him if they were to spar.

There has been trash talk between the pair for months and the GWOAT has said it would be a “slap in the face” to be on one of Paul’s undercards.

So it’s no surprise that the YouTuber has revelled in Shields’ first MMA loss. The boxer and MMA fighter fell to a defeat at the hands of Abigail Montes on Wednesday by split decision. It was the first time the American has lost since Savannah Marshall beat her in an amateur fight in 2012.

Paul said: “[It’s] karma. Shields is a loser. In MMA and even more so with her prima-donna attitude.

“The fake always gets exposed. Losses come when anger and hate take over. Just ask Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. She spent more time berating Jake Paul than learning jiu-jitsu.”

Shields perhaps lost focus ahead of her fight against Montes after criticising Paul in the press just the day before.

Shields said: “There are a lot of women in boxing who could [out-box] men, especially a regular joe like Jake Paul!

“I know it’s too much to fight him because it would be too embarrassing [for him], but if I were to spar Jake, I could use one hand.

“Just my jab - I would out-jab, out-hook and out-uppercut him. I would embarrass him.”

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