Johns' dazzling debut inspires Warrington

Dave Hadfield
Thursday 04 July 2013 03:51

Steering the Wolves to a 33-16 win over Leeds, in the first game of his short stint in England, Johns did a bit of everything.

Slotting into a team of strangers as though he had played with them all his career, Johns set up three tries, kicked immaculately and reminded the Rhinos that there has probably never been a scrum-half who hits as hard in the tackle.

Best of all, the Warrington players around him - from an established team leader like Lee Briers to a raw novice like Andy Bracek - grew visibly in his presence. Every one of them looked a better player than in recent weeks.

"Everything seemed to fall into place," Johns said with some understatement. "It was a lightning-fast game - everything I expected."

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