Finn Balor explains how released WWE stars will ‘benefit’ after being cut from roster

Some fans are calling recent cuts the “death” of NXT, but Balor disagrees, suggesting those released WWE stars can benefit from the situation.

Oliver Browning
Wednesday 18 August 2021 13:29 BST
<p>WWE star Finn Balor believes being released can be a huge opportunity for cut wrestlers</p>

WWE star Finn Balor believes being released can be a huge opportunity for cut wrestlers

Finn Balor believes recently released WWE stars will "benefit" after being cut from the roster, with an opportunity to re-invent themselves outside of the company.

On 6 August, 12 NXT talents were released from their contracts, taking the total number of superstars let-go in 2021 to 54 - not including backstage personnel and other staff.

Established names including Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Bray Wyatt and even the legendary Ric Flair have all left the company in recent months.

Some professional wrestling fans have called the recent round of cuts the "death of NXT", given a majority of those fired were developmental talents.

But Balor - one of the stars credited with carrying the brand to new heights before returning to SmackDown - believes these releases could offer a good opportunity for wrestlers to make a name for themselves elsewhere.

"Obviously, you never want to see these things happen but this business is very controlled. A lot of my friends were on those lists. Some of them are seeing it as an opportunity," the Irish star said.

"It can be difficult to get minutes on NXT, it's only a two-hour show. A lot of these people, it's going to be for their benefit, to help them grow outside WWE.

"There are some incredible chances on the independents. You never want to see these types of things happen, I hate reading those lists, but you have to look at the positives of these situations, these people have been offered an opportunity to start again."

Balor also suggested that released WWE talents now have a chance to re-create themselves in a "hands-off" environment, something that perhaps wasn't offered during their previous runs.

"You can start fresh with a new character, without anyone hands-on or manipulating your ideas. So you've got to accept the situation, move forward, embrace it, grow and create."

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