Hockey: Players rehydrate using drip


Hockey Bill Colwill
Monday 22 July 1996 23:02

Dextrose saline drips were given to Great Britain's hockey captain, Jason Laslett, and his fellow midfield player Russell Garcia at half-time on Sunday to combat dehydration during their 2-2 draw with Korea.

Although the temperature for Britain's game, which started at 5.30pm, did not reach the 90s of earlier in the day, it was the high humidity that caused the havoc. The players were offered the drip at the interval when it was established that they had lost three and four kilos each during the first half.

With the British Olympic doctor, the team doctor, Ian Beasley, and orthopaedic consultant Richard Dodds in the dressing-room at the interval, there was no shortage of specialist medical expertise as the players were given the drip, the needles being inserted while they were lying on the dressing- room benches.

Significantly, when weighed at the end of the game, Garcia's loss had been reduced to two kilos, with Laslett having only lost half a kilo.

David Whittle, the team manager, confirmed that apart from a few bruises, the squad had no injury problems, but that the offer of a drip would be made to all the players during the interval of their game today against the Netherlands.

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