LeBron James cries during the LA Lakers tribute to Kobe Bryant

LA Lakers rocked by mysterious catfish attack that duped podcaster and thousands of listeners

Kevin Durant was particularly shocked by the allegations

Peony Hirwani@peony_hirwani
Thursday 22 April 2021 09:35

Players of the National Basketball Association [NBA] were allegedly catfished by a podcast host named Vivian Flores, who is best known for her blog Laker Fanatics.

On Monday, The Lakers Point Point Podcast’s host Josh Toussaint tweeted that Flores had gone missing and called on members of the Lakers fan community to help find her. He wrote: “She may or may not be wearing a wig” since she was going through leukemia treatment.

Toussaint’s [now deleted] tweet went viral the notice of actor Oshea Jackson Jr, and NBA star Markieff Morris.

Jackson Jr wrote: “No way are you serious!?! Everyone please retweet this. Anyone in the area. Super dope soul please help.”

On that very evening, Toussaint shared another tweet expressing that “Flores was found safely” after which the story grew bigger.

The NBA fanbase tracked down a user named ChumZilla, a follower that Flores habitually connected with, in 2009.

“It’s a big catfish account I went along with 11 years ago to see how far it would go and to expose them. They originally impersonated model Roberta Little under the name Joanne Peters. I contacted her agencies a few times but heard nothing back.” wrote Zilla.

In a second tweet, Zilla explained: “At the time Twitter didn’t have any solid rules about this type of thing so the only thing that happened was the account went on the impersonate other people. I was able to track two of the emails to a man outside of the US but I can’t who or where.”

The claims transformed into genuine declarations when Flores’ supposed ex-boyfriend Kingsley took to Twitter to express that she was a catfish as she never consented to FaceTime with him.

American basketball player Kevin Durant also momentarily joined the discussion where he sounded surprised by the allegations.

He said: “Big Kings [Kingsley]... Was catfished for how long… By another guy?”

“At what time you decided to commit to this person? Like you was super super [desperate], like you haven’t talked to a woman in a while?”

Following this, the Lakers fanbase discovered plenty of proof online where large numbers of Flores’ pictures were photoshopped, creating more doubts about her real identity.

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