Q&A: Fencing rules

Sunday 24 November 1996 00:02 GMT

Q. I have noticed while watching jump racing that there are more obstacles in steeplechases than in hurdle races. What are the rules that govern this?

A. Steeplechase fences must not be less than 4ft 6in in height, the only exception to this is the water jump. Fences fall into two types, plain and open ditch. An open ditch is a plain fence with a ditch on the take-off side, thus forcing the horse to make a longer jump than at a plain fence. There are at least six fences to each mile of a steeplechase, one of which must be an open ditch.

Hurdles are constructed in sections and are 3ft 6in in height. There must be eight hurdles in the first two miles of a race and one additional flight for every completed quarter-mile after that. - Peter Radcliffe, Tyldesley, Manchester


Q. Some Italian football clubs in Serie A sport roundels on their shirts. What is the thinking behind this? - Andy Goode, Ham

Q. When Peter O'Sullevan retires as a racing commentator next year he will be 80. Are there any sports commentators or reporters of greater vintage? - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

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